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Updated 18 June 2017

Welcome to Chris Birch's homepage

Genealogy is my hobby, and the principal object of this website is to publish and make available to anyone interested the results of my research into my family's history.

This all started in 1987 when my uncle Rufus died and I found in an old tin trunk an even older family tree going back to the death in 1686 in the Caribbean island of Nevis of Colonel William Burt, the Deputy Governor. I now have 5902 family names in my computer database, split into four overlapping family trees.

The Burt tree (my maternal grandmother was a Burt) has 4349 names.
The Kirby tree (my mother-in-law was a Kirby) has 473 names.
The Berridge tree (one of my maternal great-grandmothers was a Berridge) has 519 names.
The Birch tree (my father was a Birch) has 809 names.

There is overlap between the trees, but the Burt tree is the most comprehensive and up to date, so look there first unless the person you want is a Kirby, a Berridge or a Birch.

These trees contain the basic facts so far as I know them: birth, marriage and death dates and places, occupations and so on.

The information on the website only includes the direct descendants of the first person named, their spouses and the names of their spouse's parents. There is information about other relatives by marriage in my computer database but not on my website, so don't hesitate to get in touch ( if you don't see the persons you are looking for.

In an attempt to add some flesh and blood to these dry bones, I wrote a book called Ten Generations: Looking Backwards in Time, which was published by the St Christopher Press in September 2003. Further information can be found here.

And I have now written a history of St Kitts and Nevis from 1635 to 1987 and the part played in that history by the Burt and Berridge families. It is called The Milk Jug was a Goat and was published by Pegasus in 2008. Further information about it can be found here.

Finally, there is a little information about myself - here.